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Congress is what happens when you put white people in charge.

And Africa is what happens when you put black people in charge.


Clearly I don’t know that Africa had many great and thriving civilizations before Europeans came and fucked that up.

There are expectations in how you play your character as a black woman, to be sassy and the same kind of feel, as if there are no quirky black women. I struggle with those things constantly, trying to add dimension to my work, and that’s the goal, too.


doodled this real quick after seeing the new age of ultron photos because clint is ridiculous


Having a ship shoved down your throat because it’s the most popular in a fandom ಠ_ಠ

Having your own ship violated in fanfiction for the sake of the popular ship ಠ_ಠ

Having posts about your ship hijacked by the popular ship ಠ_ಠ

Getting really fucking tired of hearing about the popular ship and then being asked how you can dislike it so much ಠ_ಠ


honestly tho how do they look so badass in their team pictures in the official art when everyone is a loser???

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TABLO with GUMMY @ 140703 MBC Tablo’s Dreaming Radio!

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You can tell a girl she’s smart her whole life, encourage her in school, buy her a chemistry set, send her to math camp, help her apply for college scholarships in STEM fields, and she’s still eventually going to walk into a classroom, a lab, or a job interview and have some man dismiss her existence, deny her funding, pass her over for a promotion, or take credit for her work. How about you work on getting those assholes out of power and quit telling me not to call girls pretty.